I bought a guitar. Mid life crisis much? I made a rock version of a rap song I wrote:

I tried out an idea for a bit of crowdwork at an open mic night, its about christmas and its called Have a Chocolate

Find the Right Words Speed Poetry Challenge
I had to write about Wales V England rugby, Corbyn’s conference, and Water on Mars.

Cardboard Kanye by Poetman @ House of Verse 15/08/15

Recorded Live at The Musician in Leicester 03/08/15

Part poetry performance, part live looping and rap.
Set list:
Relentless Red Bull Monster
Pretty Face @ Drum & Bass
She Says (parts 1 and 2)
Cautionary Tale of Epic Fail

Waspy Crab Apple

Pro-Wasp Poetry I wrote after I filmed a waspy crab apple in my local park.

Wasps don’t have a fan club,
Not like the honey bee,
Wasps don’t have a saviour,
As far as I know, only me…