September 2015

I wanted to make a book,
Then I realised I was able,
With a craft knife and a stapler
Here on my kitchen table!
YouTube Demonstration


If you want to help a soon to be starving and wannabe artist, why not donate to me through paypal? If you donate £8, I’ll send you my book for free, delivered anywhere in the UK in bubble wrapped envelope!
Donate £10 and I’ll sign it, and write a couple of handwritten lines.
Donate more and I’ll write more!

33 poems over 44 pages, from soft stuff about animals and hot weather to searing attacks on international banking fraud and homeopathy on the NHS!
From Towie to Kid’s TV.
From Buzzfeed to Corporate Greed!

Its the best of my stage tested stuff.
I hope you think its good enough!
In an effort to give more to you,
I rewrote each poem as a hidden haiku!


August 2015

I spent my holiday teaching myself:
Book Binding!

I’ve made myself a couple of blank notebooks first to get accustomed to the technique, with the aim to literally self publish a collection of my poems with my own hand on my kitchen table, to take with me when I perform. I am the proud owner of a long arm stapler, some craft knives and a metal ruler!

DSCF6452 DSCF6453 DSCF6454

DSCF6455 DSCF6456 DSCF6457

DSCF6461 DSCF6462 DSCF6464

DSCF6465 DSCF6473 DSCF6478

DSCF6479 DSCF6480

So as it stands now, I’ve a simple stapled book that seems pretty hardy in this video below, and I’m halfway to a hardback! Although I am an old pair of jeans down at this point…