Poetman Presents: Poetry in a Pub

Is it a poet? Yes.

Spoken Word is Not Dead
In Glenfield in the Nags Head

Free to see! Poetry!
Compéred by me, so come and see
Guaranteed variety,
What else are you doing with your Wednesday night?

22nd July, 12 August 26, August 9pm - 11pm at the Nags Head in Glenfield LE3 8BQ
#SWIND     9/9/15     LE3 8BQ

This Wednesday September the 9th is the sixth one now so the format is getting settled and a bit less loose. I do something old, something new, something borrowed and later something a bit blue. This time, I will be attempting to create a new song from audience input in a feature titled Poor Man’s Beardyman which has a coin toss chance of working.

Poetman’s power is to create poets, so blank postcards and pencils will return. Our first two audience sourced titles were Pints and Stars and I’ve got some great recordings from local poets who stepped up to the plate be released soon in an upcoming podcast. I am especially thankful for the performances from Daz McElland, Anthony Ratcliffe, Jamie the Drummer, Charlotte Lunn, and the young lads Sam and Josh who shouted “Poetman” at me in the first place. Some of these beautiful people wrote their first poems in the pub and all of them performed for the first time at #SWIND Spoken Word is Not Dead in Glenfield in the Nags Head.
Poetman’s power is to create poets, these people are the proof!

To get in touch for an open mic spot, tweet @wiliammakesbeer email williammakesbeer@gmail.com or message me on facebook by searching for Will Horspool

YouTube videos

Recorded live at the Musician 03/08/15

Everyone loves cat videos. Except me.

I think this wasp is cuter than a cat, eating its way into a crab apple in my local park while I walked my dog yesterday.

Wasps don’t have a fan club.
Not like the Honey Bee.
Wasps don’t have a saviour,
As far as I know, only me…


I will be performing at the Attenborough Arts Centre on 15th December, to close the first half and it feels marvelous! I have been taking part in the workshops put on by Word! and found them really helpful, so I’m thrilled to have my face on their flyer!

Click to unblur and enlarge
Click to unblur and enlarge

Cannot wait 😀
I performed at Yewstock 2015, I did 20 mins in the afternoon plus another 15 when I’d had a bit to drink about 9pm and some more sweary stuff came out.

“Cardboard Kanye” came out to play,
For a battle rap finalé!

Looked like upwards of a hundred people to me, lots of lovely people came up to have a chat and a handshake, I really enjoyed it, and Dan Buckland the organiser wants me back there next year, which is great!

The next Spoken Word is Not Dead (In Glenfield, in the Nags Head) is on August the 12th, so if you want an open mic spot email williammakesbeer@gmail.com, if you want some free entertainment, come on down and I’ll see you there!

Facebook Event for Aug 12th Spoken Word is Not Dead

First Gig


I am doing my first 20 minutes at The Yew Tree in Cauldon this weekend! Going open mic at the Donkey tonight to practice the ones in my setlist that I can’t recite without reading…

It says William MakesBeer on the poster: I’m on at 6:10 on Sunday 19th! Can’t wait 😀


Can’t wait to see Earthworm Jim again, I have not yet seen your cover of Uptown Funk!

The Birth of Poetman

I was walking my dog in the park, when I saw someone waving my way. I looked behind me, to see who he could be waving at, and there was no one there. Now he was waving both arms, and he shouted “POET MAN! POET MAN!”

Through the power of rhyme, I fight Word Crime.
Through the power of rhyme,
I fight Word Crime.

I was thrilled to find out that these two lads had seen me perform in my local pub, where I have started Spoken Word is Not Dead, (In Glenfield in the Nags Head) an open mic poetry in a pub night. These two lads wanted to know if I had open mic spots for next time! You can’t choose your nicknames, and you don’t normally get one you want to keep, but when I got home I bought poetman.co.uk and took this stupid picture.

I am eager to hear what these two have to say tonight, the open mic list is full before I start, its looking like we will have a bakers dozen of local poets, and I can’t wait!

22nd July, 12 August 26, August 9pm - 11pm at the Nags Head in Glenfield LE3 8BQ
22nd July, 12 August 26, August
9pm – 11pm at the Nags Head in Glenfield