I will be performing at the Attenborough Arts Centre on 15th December, to close the first half and it feels marvelous! I have been taking part in the workshops put on by Word! and found them really helpful, so I’m thrilled to have my face on their flyer!

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Cannot wait 😀
I performed at Yewstock 2015, I did 20 mins in the afternoon plus another 15 when I’d had a bit to drink about 9pm and some more sweary stuff came out.

“Cardboard Kanye” came out to play,
For a battle rap finalé!

Looked like upwards of a hundred people to me, lots of lovely people came up to have a chat and a handshake, I really enjoyed it, and Dan Buckland the organiser wants me back there next year, which is great!

The next Spoken Word is Not Dead (In Glenfield, in the Nags Head) is on August the 12th, so if you want an open mic spot email williammakesbeer@gmail.com, if you want some free entertainment, come on down and I’ll see you there!

Facebook Event for Aug 12th Spoken Word is Not Dead