What You Saying? Podcast

performance poetry,
charming & dapper,
arguably comedy,
occasional rapper!

What You Saying Episode 1 9/03/16 free mp3 above, article here
Is it a poet? Yes.

“I don’t like poetry, but I liked that.” – Marcia Morris
“Goldie Looking Chain, but with a conscience” – Tony Jones
“A hard act to follow…” – The Earls
“I’ve seen poets before but he’s somehow very different.” – John Seals
“Bloody great!” – Aimee Mullen
“I’ve never seen a rapper in a shirt and tie!” – Dan Mott
“Good and funny” – Hannah Hardy
“Keep it up, you’re doing good stuff!” – Katy Connolly
“Your words, man…” – Mike Sole (The Illusive Quartet)
“Always trying something different” – Matt Keneson

LIVE in Leicester This month:
Jambodia Attenborough Arts Centre 24/03/16
Anerki @ 1901 Turkey Cafe, LE1 1DE 7:30pm 31/03/16
What You Saying? The Shed, 5 Yeoman St 21/04/16
TRAMPOLENE + Aztec Temples & Ibisco & Poetman @ The Soundhouse 22/04/16
£8 OTD, £6 in advance, but its only £5 if you email williammakesbeer@gmail.com with the Subject “trampolene” with your name(s) and I’ll get you added to the cheap list! Cheers.

See me LIVE! Giggidy Giggidy Gigs :D

Feel free to get in touch for bookings, email me williammakesbeer@gmail.com